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Blu's Mobile Dog Wash Welcomes You with Open Paws

"A friendly, reliable and experienced MOBILE dog washing service operating in Didcot and the surrounding area."

With 8 years experience in the business

"I come to your home at your convienece. No need to travel and no mess in your own bathroom."

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What I Can Do for Your Dog?

Grooming (brush, Coat Strip, Scissor trim)


Blow Dry

Nail Clip

Ear/Eye Clean

Deodorising spray to finish

It's not just a bath, it's a mini health check too!

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Why brush your dog?

Brushing removes dead hair and skin from the coat, stimulating the skins surface. It also reduces shedding, and whilst brushing I'm checking the coat and skin for any lumps, sores or parasites you might not have noticed.


A pamper for your pooch!

Your dog will be bathed in warm water using a range of organic and eco friendly products suited to your dogs needs. The strong jets of the hydrobath mixed with the shampoos penetrate deep into your dogs coat leaving  it super clean and smelling great!

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Ear clean

I'm all ears!

I use wipes and a soothing cleanser to gently wipe around the inside of your dogs ears whilst checking for any irritation or infection you might not have noticed.

Paw check

For happy feet!

Whilst clipping your dogs nails i will also check the pads and between the toes for any cuts or sores, removing any grass seeds which can get stuck and inbed between the toes causing infection

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"Book your dog into be pampered now!"

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What a wonderful experience! Buddy smells incredible and is fluffier than he’s ever been. Thankyou so much ♥️


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